IBEX 2011 The International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference

“Design and Assembly of Metal Kits”

Speaker: Marinus Meijers

Metal boatbuilding has a long tradition in Holland. In this session, you’ll see Dutch examples ranging from 20’ to 60’ (6m to 18m). For an industry that increasingly finds fewer orders for a given design, metal construction offers a way to make one-off and semi-custom boatbuilding economically viable. In fact, attractive one-off yachts can be designed and produced with minimal tooling costs. Here, we’ll offer you a fast-paced presentation showing detailed examples of metal boatbuilding from an NC-cut kit. We’ll cover quality, workmanship, and tips and tricks to speed up the kit assembly, workshop equipment, and layout and transport. We’ll also cover developable and compound-curved plating, as well as templates and forming, and we’ll consider the influence of computer design tools. Join us to find out how these techniques and economies can work for you, no matter what building material you choose.

The slideshows used during this session are available:
Building Kits
Plate Expansions
Design for Assembly