Hamburg 2012 33rd Symposium on Yacht Design

“Integrating Surface and Solid modeling for Marine Design”

Speaker: Marinus Meijers

These days a linesplan is based on a computer generated surface model, whereas the construction model takes the form of a solid model. The surface model will be used for hydrostatic calculations, the solid construction model goes direct into production, bypassing the traditional production preparation stage. SpaceClaim Marine uses SpaceClaim's history free solid modeling engine, integrated with MultiSurf for relational parametric surface design and completes this package with 2½ D nesting technology, to create a turnkey solution for conceptual ship design, detail design, and production. Hydrostatic calculations based on the surface normal can handle complex situations with higher precision as a hydrostatic calculation based on cross sections. In the near future the weight estimate of the surface model will be updated by a weight calculation based on the detailed solid model. In particular, the proposed software suite enables ship designers to optimize flat patterns and nesting during the conceptual phase to remove major cost before committing to detailed design, and includes special tools to design both developable sheet metal parts as well as those with positive and negative Gaussian curvature, creating detailed designs from the concepts, and prepare the designs for fabrication and assembly.

The slideshow used during this presentation is available:

Integrating Surface and Solid modeling for Marine Design